Calling all gents !

Is your manhood not meeting expectations? Do you dream of something that’s bigger and better? Maximise your size and your confidence with our masculane penis enlargement!


What man doesn’t want a larger penis? Small, medium or large, all men dream of having some extra size to boost their self-confidence. With the advances made in the cosmetic medical field, having a larger penis is now easier than it’s ever been before! The procedure conducted here at The Manse clinic is non-surgical, and consists of injecting dermal filler into the soft tissue under the skin of the shaft to increase girth.

The key benefits

The procedure is a walk in, walk out, relatively painless, with instant results.

Why the Manse?

The Manse is your go-to destination for luxury cosmetic treatments. Located in the heart of Sydney, we offer a discreet and premium service for your personalised needs.

We have a team of doctors – all of whom have a wealth of experience and are highly trained. So you can relax knowing you’re in good hands!


Frequently asked questions

How much will Masculane cost?

Typically prices start from $7700for the first procedure, and then $3850 for the second procedure.

How much difference does the Masculane procedure make?

Essentially 1ml of dermal filler, should see an increase of 1ml in size.

How is the Masculane product injected?

We perform the Masculane injection using a small cannula through a point created by a needle. Using a cannula improves safety as the penis contains a lot of blood vessels.

How painful is Masculane?

The Masculane procedure is not considered to be painful, numbing cream is also provided.

How long does it take to see the results?

The results are instant, please allow for swelling which will last a few days.

Will the penis still function normally?

There are no reports of the function of the penis being affected such as, sensation and erection.

Offer Terms & Conditions: Must have all 10 mls on the same day. package may not be split between people.Not transferable to another patient or another day. No splitting packages with another person. There are no guarantees about your suitability for procedure, There are no refunds even if you are unsuitable for part or all of your package. The Manse clinic reserves the right to end the sale or offer at any time without prior notification or advertisement.Payment for package will be made prior to treatment. Please also refer to website for all clinic T and Cs. No refunds. Corrections at cost to patient. Results will vary from patient to patient. Cancellations 24 hours or less incur a $350 fee