Choosing the best dermal filler for a penis enlargement.

How do we choose a good dermal filler for penis enlargement?
When choosing the best dermal filler for penis size we need to think about multiple properties of the dermal filler. Safety is obviously the most important factor when making the choice, so we would not choose any of the higher risk products. The other factors include, effectiveness, lifting capability, smoothness and longevity. When a patient decides to have a dermal filler penis enlargement, they want to know that the doctor has made the best choice in dermal filler type.

Safety with dermal filler for penis enlargement is the most important factor. As doctors, we want to minimise the risks for the patient while giving them the best outcome. Longevity is also a concern for patients, and a common question would be, “Can you use permanent fillers for penis enlargement?”. The answer is yes, permanent fillers may be used. However, the second question must be, “At what risk to the patient”. Permanent fillers have been used in cosmetic medicine over the years. The majority of injectors do not use them because of their unacceptably high risks. There is a saying in injectable circles “Permanent filler, permanent problems”. When the product is not reversible, it is much more difficult to manage the complications. The risks include infection, asymmetry, granuloma (difficult to remove nodules) and biofilm, obstructed urine flow, vessel or nerve damage. Our doctors do all that is possible with modern science to reduce these risks

Longevity of the dermal filler is one of the most important features of the dermal filler, when we are choosing it. If we choose something that has very poor lasting, then the satisfaction rate of the procedure will plummet. We aim to choose the dermal filler products which are safest, with the best longevity. Once patients have achieved their size goals, patients should plan to have an injectable top up once every 18 months to 2 years.

Size improving capability of the filler
Here we are looking partly at lifting capability of the dermal filler. We want a filler that is very effective at increasing size ie  “lift per ml”. The fillers that we choose must give a good “bang for their buck”. When choosing a dermal filler for penis enlargement, this is a very important feature for us to assess

“Smoothness” of the filler
Noone wants a lumpy penis after injections, and only a small proportion of penis enlargement patients are open about their “penis work”. The majority do not want the sign of lumpiness, giving it away that they have had injectables. Smoothness of filler is very important. For this, in dermal filler terms, we look at the property of “tissue integration” of the filler. This is a measurable and we are able to choose those fillers with more tissue integration or less.

The best aesthetic outcome for the penis
This factor will come down to some of the factors already discussed (including size, and smoothness). This will also come down to the technique skills and experience of the injector. The most important factor here is that you discuss your needs with our doctors, so that he/she is aware of your expectations. A good aesthetic eye, and years of injectable experience are useful for penis design and therefore penis enlargement outcomes.

Symmetry of the penis

Most penises are not perfectly symmetrical. Dermal filler can be used to improve symmetry. Asymmetry is a risk of the procedure, but can be improved with further treatments. Sometimes it will take several treatments to achieve the most symmetrical outcome possible for the patient. Technique and a good aesthetic eye in the doctor are vital.

Reversability of the filler
Although our doctors have never been asked to reverse a penis enlargement, there is safety in knowing that the procedure is reversible. We would always choose a reversible filler so that if any complications occur, we have that option.

Brand of dermal filler for Penis enlargement
We obviously only use brands which are approved for use in Australia. Unfortunately, due to Australian laws, we are not able to discuss any brand names of dermal filler until a patient is in our clinic. If we did so, we would be reported by competitors to TGA for breach of advertising guidelines. We believe this law is against patient interests, as we value transparency and want to provide patients with as much information as possible prior to them coming to our clinic. However, we must work within the law, even if we do not agree with it. If you would like further information, please email us and we can provide it.

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