Penis enlargement with dermal fillers FAQ

The patient cannot have the procedure on the same as they have their consultation. Why is this?
It is important that when making the decision to go ahead with this type of procedure, that a patient has had sufficient time to consider the information provided to them during the consultation. This time also allows patients to weight up all options and address any further questions or concerns they may have prior to undergoing the procedure. This type of procedure is all about having realistic expectations and making an informed choice.

How long does the procedure take?
The actual procedure will take approximatley 1 hour, however you will be required to come in to the clinic a little earlier for pre-procedural preparation.

Are there any patients who are unsuitable for the procedure?
Patients who have previously had penile implants are unsuitable for this type of procedure.

Can you take us through the step by step procedure from when the patient arrives on the day of the procedure?
When you arrive you will be provied with some strong topical numbing cream to apply. You will then be seen again by the doctor whom will address any further questions or concerns you may have and talk you through the procedure itself.

Is it painful?
This procedure is very well tolerated. Many of the patients whom have had this done already are surpised at how pain free the procedure is.

Is there a lot of swelling?
Swelling varied from person to person. As with any filler procedure, swelling will occur but it is usually minor. If significant swelling does occur your doctor will be able to prescribe you medication to limit the symptom.

What are the aftercare instructions?
Your doctor will go through the post care instructions both prior to and after the procedure. Please ensure that you have some loose fitting underwear for the trip home. Additionally, you will be prescribed a course of prophylactic antibiotics that you will need to complete.

What, must patients avoid after treatments?
It is important to keep the area clean and as such you should avoid baths, spas or swimming pools for the first 48hrs. Additionally, you should avoid any sexual activity for at least 1 week.

What are the most common complications and the most rare? How are they treated?
The most common complications from this treatment include bruising and swelling to the area. It is also possible to get some minor asymmetry to the penile shaft. For this reason  the procedure is often undertaken in two phases with a second treatment happening 2-4 weeks after the first!

Very rare complications may include infection, obstructed urine flow, vessel or nerve damage and granuloma (hard lump) formation.

What level of improvement can be expected?
This is entirely dependent on two factors. How big you are to start with and how much filler we use for the procedure. Typically men can anticipate anywhere between a 25-35% increase in the thickness of there shaft.

Does every patient need the second treatment session?
This is again dependent on how much filler you have. We recommend a second procedure for all patients who have more than a 7ml enhancement.

What is the typical maintenance schedule? What factors will affect this?
Like all HA fillers, this is not a permanent effect. Patients can anticipate requiring a “top up” every 18 moths to two years.

Who is your typical patient?
There is no typical patient profile for this procedure. The men we have treated come from all walks of life and they all come for the same reason.. “Confidence”

What is the satisfaction rate of the procedure?
Very high.. although the Masculane procedure is completely reversible, no one has ever requested that we do so!

Do patients describe to you any other benefits other than the obvious aesthetic one?
Confidence! Need I say more?

If you are interested in Penis enlargement with dermal filler, please call our Sydney clinic on 02 93315005 and ask about the Masculane procedure. Or email