Penis Enlargment Surgery vs Filler?

The two most effective ways in achieving a larger penis are either enlargement surgery or dermal filler. This leads to the question which is better for me? What are the differences? What are the risks? To answer these questions lets first look in depth at what the actual procedures entail.

Penis enlargement surgery can either be penile lengthening or penile thickening. Penile lengthening is performed while under a general or local anesthetic, the ligament which holds the penis in place that is located inside the body is loosened. Loosening this ligament means a part of the penis is expelled to the outside, the surgeon than attaches the erectile tissue into the new position. The next step is to reposition the inner fatty tissue to stabilize the penis. The last stage is to stretch the skin flap; it should be noted that erection will not be affected from having this procedure as long as there are no complications.

Penile thickening surgery is a somewhat more difficult procedure to perform, the main technique used is fat-grafting augmentation. The fat graft is normally taken from areas where a scar will not be visible such as the buttocks. After undergoing a fat graph, penis circumference can increase up to 50% in size. It should be noted that the results of this procedure cannot be predicted, as the fat that has been transferred can be reabsorbed back into the body. The reabsorption rate varies anywhere from 25% to 90%.

Penis enlargement surgery increases the size of a flaccid penis by approximately 4cm (1.5 inches) these results will vary from person to person. Prior to surgery it is impossible to know the exact amount of length that will be gained.

The risks associated with penile augmentation surgery consists of infection, possible nerve damage such as a loss of sensation, scarring. There is a larger risk involved with penis thickening compared to lengthening with lumps and unevenness being reported.

The pricing of penile augmentation varies but as a guide the starting price is $8,000 and can exceed $15,000 depending on the physician you see.

The other alternative to surgery is penis augmentation with dermal filler, this procedure can achieve penile lengthening and thickening. The procedure involves the injection of dermal filler into the penis using a small cannula   through a point created by a needle. The use of a cannula provides safety as the penis contains a lot of vessels.  The results from dermal filler are instant, swelling will be present for a few days.

The dermal filler that is injected into the penis consists of hyaluronic acid, this is a natural substance that is found in the human body.

To achieve an increase of one centimeter in length, 10 mls of dermal filler would need to be injected into the penis (1ml of filler is equivalent to 1ml in length). It should be noted that the highest amount of dermal filler an injector would administer in one appointment would be 15mls.

The retention rate various for individuals, however according to a study conducted by Allergan 80% of the product is still present 18months after treatment. The results are prolonged by having additional top-up treatments every 12-18 months this can also add to the size.

The side effects of penile enlargement with dermal filler include some bruising or tenderness. Swelling that will last for a few days, possible lumps forming due to hardening of the product. It can be difficult to achieve perfect symmetry with a single session of injections. In regards to complications the major one would be infection; it is essential to attend a sterile clean clinic.

The pricing of penis dermal filler is usually around the $720 for one ml price mark, with most physicians requiring a minimum of 10mls, for the initial appointment.

Still not sure what way to go? To break it down if you are looking for a noninvasive, no surgery approach dermal filler is the way to go. It has minimal risks and the procedure can be reversed if desired. If you are looking for a one-time procedure and do not mind an aggressive route than penis enlargement surgery may be the way to go for you. No matter what you choose, always investigate and please go to a reputable physician.

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